Conversations with the C-Suite

Recently, Professor Mike Useem, the William and Jaclyn Egan Professor of Management teamed up with Wharton's Aresty School of Executive Education for a video series, entitled Conversations with the C-Suite. Recently, Professor Useem had the pleasure of interviewing the following executives, Dr. Peter Fasalo,  the Vice President, Global Human Resources, of JohnsonRead More

Nano Tool

Nano Tool: Building Trust: The STAR Model, Close the Saying-Doing Gap to Build a High-Performing Team. Contributor:  Mario Moussa PhD, Senior Fellow, Wharton Executive Education, The Wharton School; President, Moussa Consulting, and author of The Art of Woo: Using Strategic Persuasion to Sell Your Ideas (co-authored with G. Richard Shell) and the forthcoming CommittedRead More