Conversations with the C-Suite

Recently, Professor Mike Useem, the William and Jaclyn Egan Professor of Management teamed up with Wharton's Aresty School of Executive Education for a video series, entitled Conversations with the C-Suite. Recently, Professor Useem had the pleasure of interviewing the following executives, Dr. Peter Fasalo,  the Vice President, Global Human Resources, of JohnsonRead More

Leadership Dispatches visit to Chile

Upon publication of Leadership Dispatches: Chile’s Extraordinary Comeback from Disaster by Stanford University Press in March, 2015, its authors* were invited to make a set of presentations in Santiago, the capital of Chile, on April 21-22.  Michael Useem and Erwann Michel-Kerjan offered the main findings of their study and itsRead More

Leaders@Wharton: William Lauder Interview

New Series Launches with Interview of William Lauder Wharton professors Adam Grant and Michael Useem launch a new series on Leaders@Wharton with an interview of William Lauder, executive chairman of Estée Lauder Companies and the former chief executive there. In this and subsequent interviews, they ask about the accomplishments ofRead More

Knowledge@Wharton: Steve Davis

Health Care Activist Steve Davis: Avoiding the 'I'll Give Back Later' Trap Published February 27, 2013 Steve Davis is president and CEO of PATH, an international nonprofit whose goal is to help communities break longstanding cycles of poor health. The cross-sectoral skills he has accumulated during his earlier work inRead More

Knowledge@Wharton: Givers vs. Takers

The Surprising Truth about Who Gets Ahead Published April 10, 2013 A colleague asks you for feedback on a report. A LinkedIn connection requests an introduction to one of your key contacts. A recent graduate would like an informational interview. New research from Wharton management professor Adam Grant reveals thatRead More